May 19th 2012, the Bashurverse released a video showing parts of the starship. The video was called "Interior Preview" and you can watch it here. On this page we post some shots, taken form this video and try to guess what part of the ship they are.
The music in the video is Elysean Fields by Chinese Man.

Hallways / Decks Edit

In the video we see two hallways, leading in multiple directions. One of the hallways has a yellow marking in in, and the other a blue marking. They are signed "Deck B" and "Deck C" respectively.

Deck B Edit

The B Deck hosts the Medical Center.

Preview Deck BPreview Deck B MedCen

Deck C Edit

The C Deck hosts the Crew Restroom, the Reactor Core and possibly the "Dining Room".

Preview Deck CPreview 3

"Dining Room" Edit

The first room we see holds a number of tables and chairs in long rows giving the idea that this is some kind of a dining room. The blue markings along the walls might indicate that it is located on Deck C.

Preview Dinner Room

Reactor Core Edit

We are shown a construction that is probably (part of) the Reactor Core, indicated by the sign "MAIN ENGINEERING Reactor Core" on Deck C.

Preview Reactor Core

Hangar Deck Edit

A quite narrow, grey hallway leads us to the Main Level of the Hangar Deck, where we find several spacecrafts loaded above some sort of departure gate. Even though Bashur states in the video that they don't show off any crew members yet, we can see an Iron Golem Droid in this Hangar.

Preview Hangar Hallway
Preview Hangar Deck 1Preview Hangar Deck 2

Exterior Edit

We see a little bit of the outside of a ship, we see what probably is a big weapon and we see supposedly the bridge.

Preview Exterior 1Preview Exterior 2

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