The Bashurverse has released two trailers at this time, both of them will be viewable on this page and both will be discussed.

Teaser Trailer Edit

Released on April 30th 2012.

Chupacabra Starship Teaser - A new Minecraft Series now in production!01:01

Chupacabra Starship Teaser - A new Minecraft Series now in production!

The first trailer only gives a glimpse at what's to come within the series as it only shows a starship hovering through space. A title fades in and so do the words "Coming Soon". As this was the first time we saw something from the sets, this was also the first appearance of the sloped blocks that were frequently used on the in and outsides of the ship.

Trailer Edit

Released on June 30th 2012.

Bashcraft - Chupacabra Starship Trailer00:37

Bashcraft - Chupacabra Starship Trailer

The second trailer features original music that even has lyrics. From these lyrics we get to learn more and more about the series. We also see the main characters of the series within this trailer.
This trailer ends with the (new) logo for the series.

"There were five good pals who were out there in space,
who saw a ship and had a crazy race.
Convinced the soldiers that they were new,
flew away and became the crew of...
Space! Chupacabra Starship!"

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